We specialise in developing customised healthcare database solutions to support frontline service provision, research studies and disease registries. Our innovative cloud-based application framework enables our products to be rapidly deployed and adopted without the need for local server or client installation. In the UK, our core products are provided through the Outcome Registry Intervention and Operation Network (ORION) platform.

Healthcare provision

medicPicOur Network Referral System (NRS) enables streamlined management of emergency referrals, including fast data capture, easy status updates, and robust reporting for audit and research. This is currently in use for managing neurosurgery and neurology referrals in a number of tertiary neuroscience centres.

Working together with the NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operative for Brain Injury, we have developed xTask, an electronic task list for streamlining inpatient handover and communication between healthcare professionals.

Medical registries


In collaboration with the University of Cambridge, we have developed a number of neuroscience registries for monitoring and reporting national practice across UK institutions, particularly in the field of neurosurgery.

We currently maintain the Vestibular Schwannoma Registry, the Anterior Skull Base Registry, UK CSF Shunt Registry, the Deep Brain Stimulation Registry, the Cranial Reconstruction Registry and the Children’s Epilepsy Surgery Service National Database. We continue to work with clinical and academic partners to develop further registries as unmet need is identified.

Research studies

medResearchThe ORION platform has been used to support a number of prospective studies requiring high volume, multi-site data capture in both general practice and secondary care environments.

We are also leading on the development of a digital pathway for assessment and management of brain cancer, as part of Innovate UK’s ‘Digital Health in a Connected Hospital’ programme. Our consortium, consisting of seven organisations, will seek to establish a high resolution neuro-oncology dataset with a view to improve service delivery, monitor quality of care, and drive further research into early diagnosis.

App design and development

ConsultationOur App team will work with you through all the stages of the development process, from scoping through to final build and publishing to App stores, including CE / UKCA marking where required. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported, and we can offer secure back-end integration with the Orion platform.

In collaboration with clinical and academic partners in the UK and around the world, our Apps have provided study recruitment and questionnaire data collection tools. A recent Public Health project required multi-language content and off-line functionality for use in rural Africa where network coverage was patchy. The project successfully recruited 1800 subjects.

Our latest project in collaboration with colleagues in the Indiana University School of Medicine is currently in private Beta testing. Utilising the latest mobile technologies, the FACES app has adapted a desktop-based intervention, which aims to help cognitively impaired brain injury patients better recognise how people are feeling. Public release on App stores is expected later this year. Please contact us if you would like a preview in advance of the public release.

If you would like to find out more about out products or arrange a software demonstration, please contact us.